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NanoTweezer Nanoparticle Analysis

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 12, 2013 — Optofluidics has introduced the NanoTweezer, a system that captures, manipulates and analyzes large numbers of individual nanoparticles and has the potential to advance pharmaceutical drug development, environmental health, materials science and energy.

The system, a plug-and-play attachment that is compatible with standard microscopes, guides laser light into tiny waveguides within a flow cell. The light emanating from the waveguides acts as a tractor beam that captures and illuminates nanoparticles such as protein aggregates, viruses, bacteria and inorganic matter to measure properties such as size, shape, chemical composition and coating qualities.

The NanoTweezer is a 2014 Prism Award finalist in the Life Sciences and Biophotonics category.  

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