Thermal Imaging Detects Failures in Electronic Equipment at an Early Stage
Thermal imaging cameras are being increasingly used in electronic labs. Italian company TEST uses FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras to detect failures in PCB boards at an early stage.
Characterization to the Extremes: Terahertz materials characterization at cryogenic temperatures and high magnetic fields
In continuing pursuit of improved performance, higher processing speed, and more compact packaging, researchers spend considerable time identifying and characterizing novel and previously unexplored materials. Recently, the terahertz frequency range has emerged as a new frontier for materials science, helping to map out this unknown territory....
Narrow-Line Fiber-Coupled Modules for DPAL Pumping
A new series of fiber coupled diode laser modules optimized for DPAL pumping is presented, featuring greater than 400W from a 600µm core fiber of 0.22NA. Addressing one of the key challenges in DPAL pumping, the modules achieve a spectral width of <<0.1 nm and wavelength tunability of +/- 0.15 nm. A limiting factor in the reduction of the spectral...

Discover the Truth About Range Data
Security Systems Integrators know that effective site design comes down the level of fidelity in the camera range performance data. The industry is flooded with conflicting information when it comes to range performance. Accurately gauging range performance from the onset of the site design may allow one to avoid unintended, and pricey rework...
Optimax-OTR Coatings for Extreme Environmental Resistance
Optimax has developed a novel optical coating (OTR-AR) that protects optical surfaces in even the most extreme environmental use conditions. OTR coatings have been demonstrated to provide excellent resistance to latent scratching, staining and dimming of chemically sensitive optical glass surfaces in hot-humid environments.

Selecting the Optimal Er/Yb Doped Optical Fiber: Design Considerations and System Performances
Er/Yb fibers are well suited to achieve high performances in the 1.55 µm wavelength range, allowing to reach a few Watts to Watt-level of output power. However, we demonstrated that these performances are directly tailored by the core composition and the structural design of the fiber. The key to success is to clearly identify the target output...
How can I find the right digital camera for my microscopy application?
Nowadays, image processing is found in a wide range of optical microscopy applications. Examples for this are medical and biological research, diagnostics, testing of medicinal products, or material sciences. Microscopy cameras are an important component of these systems and the specific requirements of your application will drive the selection of...
Are Off-the-Shelf Optics Always the Best Solution?
A white paper from Resolve Optics addresses the commonly asked question "Are off-the-shelf optics always the best solution?". Today there exists a huge number of off-the-shelf lenses for mass market applications where unit cost is the dominant driving force. However when it comes to an application that optically requires anything a little more...

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Application Simplified... With the pco.flim
The pco.flim whitepaper gives an introduction in fluorescence lifetime imaging, if it is done in the frequency domain, with all the required background information. It is thought to refresh the knowledge about photo luminescence and how lifetime imaging is done in time domain and frequency domain. Further it describes the characteristics of the...
Toward a single-chip TECless and NUCless InGaAs SWIR camera with 120dB Intrinsic Operation Dynamic Range
This paper describes NIT’s single-chip InGaAs SWIR camera with more than 120dB instant operational dynamic range with an innovative CMOS ROIC technology, so called MAGIC where the pixel is driven in a solar cell mode, invented and patented by New Imaging Technologies. A 640x512-pixel InGaAs 15µm pitch photodiode array, designed by NIT, has been...

High Precision Lens Assembly with Alignment Turning Machines
In recent years, alignment turning technology has experienced some key developments. Progress has been made with regard to aspheres, cylindrical surfaces or "best fit" centration of lens groups. It has also been possible to significantly increase the accuracy that can be achieved, in particular because the machines and control technology used have...
LIDAR Guns, Accuracy, and Speeding
Anyone who has driven a vehicle has encountered a Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) system in action. But how do you know if the detector is working? Let’s take a look behind the scenes at the beam, its scattered light, and the telescope that is used to collect data on the scattered light. The system then calculates the distance to the target...

Illumination for Law Enforcement, Logistics, Safety, and Security
Today’s fast changing world requires an ever-increasing level of sophistication in security applications. Illumination is a crucial component of any system employed to discover anomalies in scanned objects or find minute variations that could cause a product to fail. And the LED has injected great technological advances in a wide range of security...
Tailored Bar Concepts for 10 mm-mrad Fiber Coupled Modules Scalable to kW-class Direct Diode Lasers
Laser modules based on newly developed tailored bars are presented. The modules allow efficient fiber coupling of more than 320 W into 10 mm-mrad or 160 W into 6 mm-mrad at one single wavelength. For further power scaling dense wavelength coupling concepts are presented which enable kW-class lasers with a beam quality of 10 mm-mrad.
Measurement of Film Stacks in Cell Phones and Tablets Using White Light Interferometry
With the explosive growth of the tablet and smart phone market, equipment suppliers are developing more complex structures that include polarizers, LCDs, structured air gaps, and more. There are few systems that provide the measurement capabilities to examine all the layers, non-destructively. Lumetrics will provide examples of how its white light...
- Lumetrics

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