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optical glass
A glass that, during manufacture, is carefully controlled with respect to composition, melting, heat treatment, and other processing, to render its optical characteristics, such as its index of refraction, dispersion, transmittance, spectral transmittance, homogeneity, freedom from birefringence, permanence, etc., sufficient for its optical application.

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Connecting Photonic Devices
Two Routes to Achieve Accuracy
Because photonic components such as multiplexers, carrier and pump lasers and attenuators must fit within a network and survive up to 20 years, how they are connected is a critical issue. Photonic devices that contain lenses, crystals, laser diodes and photodetectors demand exact alignment. The fiber optics that conduct signals in and out of these devices are precisely attached and aligned to the internal optical components. Consequently, placement of these miniature parts requires such a high...

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Institut für Mikrotechnik Mainz GmbH
Research and development in the areas of microtechnology, biotechnology, optics, precision engineering and chemical process engineering.

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