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stacked-diode laser
A type of laser used when a great amount of power is required. Avoiding the bulk of large numbers of optical lenses, this instrument offers high-output intensity and a small emitting region at reasonable drive currents.

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Laser Beam Measurement
Slit-Based Profilers for Pulsed Beams
Although slit-based profilers were designed to measure continuous-wave (CW) lasers, they can also work for pulsed-mode lasers. Measuring pulsed-beam lasers has generally required the use of a CCD array profiler. This is a reasonable solution for low-power lasers in the UV and visible wavelength range, but these require external attenuation when used with CCD cameras. Once the lasers leave the UV-VIS range, array cameras become extremely expensive. Although low-frequency pulsed lasers...

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Russian Academy of Sciences

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