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DICTIONARY+ > Photonics Dictionary® Plus Definitions of terms, abbreviations and acronyms related to photonics technology. This reference is in the form of a wiki, meaning the content can be edited and expanded by members of the photonics community.
iodine cycle
A development aimed at extending the life of a tungsten filament. The iodine vapor in the lamp envelope combines with the tungsten vapor emitted by the hot filament, but the compound is decomposed by the heat and deposits the tungsten back onto the filament itself. The lamp envelope must run hot.

HANDBOOK > Photonics Handbook® A unique collection of technical design and applications articles, as well as technology primers presenting the basics of the photonics technology.
Bandpass Filters
The Transistor’s Optical Cousin
Bandpass filters are passive optical devices that control the flow of light, much as transistors control electricity but are active devices. They can be used either to isolate certain wavelengths or colors, or to control the wavelengths reaching a detector. Applications range from detecting the gaseous composition of a distant star to determining the chemical activity in a human cell. In their earliest form, bandpass filters were constructed of absorbing media in a solute, such as water or...

INSTITUTIONS > Educational Institutions Listings of societies, associations, universities and research centers worldwide involved in fostering the education and growth of the photonics industry.
U.S. Department of Commerce
An organization supporting administration telecommunications, objectives such as enhanced domestic competition and improved foreign trade opportunities for US telecommunications firms.

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