BioPhotonics This is the syndication feed for BioPhotonics. Sat, 25 Jun 2016 12:03:43 GMT Tue, 10 May 2016 15:01:56 GMT 1800 Photonics Variety Spices Up the Sciences   The British science historian Jacob Bronowski once pointed out that where Leonardo da Vinci was fascinated with nature’s “variety, its infinite adaptability, the fitness and the... A60667 Tue, 10 May 2016 15:01:56 GMT Biophotonics-Related Companies’ FY2015 R&D Spending Growth Loses Steam Research and development spending at many biophotonics-related companies failed to keep pace with revenue growth in their 2015 fiscal years, according to analysis of financial reports issued by 20... A60589 Tue, 19 Apr 2016 12:49:42 GMT Please Don't Squeeze the Peaches Despite all of mankind’s technological advances, consumer methods for testing fruit ripeness — visually scanning, squeezing and smelling — remain fairly primitive. In many ways, the... A60585 Tue, 19 Apr 2016 09:11:30 GMT Beyond OCT: New Interferometric Imaging Techniques in Biomedicine Optical coherence tomography (OCT) began its commercial history in 1996 as a revolutionary technology for imaging retinas to help diagnose eye diseases, including glaucoma, macular degeneration and... A60579 Fri, 15 Apr 2016 15:02:00 GMT Low-Level Light Therapy Is Still Looking for — and Finding — Clinical Inroads The field of low-level light therapy (LLLT) emerged soon after the invention of the ruby and helium-neon (HeNe) lasers in the early 1960s. Since then, the technique has progressed, proving effective... A60576 Fri, 15 Apr 2016 10:03:43 GMT Procedures Hinge on Nonlaser Light Sources’ Optimal Spatial Intensity Distribution Unsterilized medical products, dental restorations with incompletely cured restorative materials and adhesives that fail in their application are a few of the potential outcomes when light-based... A60565 Thu, 14 Apr 2016 14:42:33 GMT Next-Generation Stereo Endoscopes are Opening Surgeons' Eyes In its drive to explore outer space, NASA is developing optical technology that tests the limits of the laws of physics and promises to turn neurosurgeons into pioneers in innerspace. While... A60583 Thu, 14 Apr 2016 10:46:00 GMT Agilent, Applied Spectral Imaging Enter FISH Marketing Agreement Agilent Technologies Inc. and Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI) Inc. have entered into a marketing agreement for ASI’s GenASIs imaging platforms and Agilent’s fluorescence in situ... A60563 Wed, 13 Apr 2016 10:03:19 GMT Laser Helps Predict Effect of Soil Structure on Water Flow The use of lasers to study soil hydrology (the movement of water through soil) may help soil scientists more accurately predict water flow. Researchers at the University of Kansas have used a... A60548 Tue, 12 Apr 2016 12:00:00 GMT Gold Nanoparticle-Based Laser System Modeled for Cell Transfection An optically induced method has been modeled for an efficient and cell-preserving transfection — the delivery of DNA or RNA into eukaryotic cells — in high-throughput screening. ... A60556 Mon, 11 Apr 2016 08:54:15 GMT Biolase 2015 Revenue Reaches $48.5M Medical and dental laser company Biolase Inc. has reported net revenue for the year ended Dec. 31, 2015, of $48.5 million, as compared to net revenue of $47.7 million for fiscal 2014. The... A60544 Thu, 07 Apr 2016 08:39:15 GMT Necsel Acquires Photonic Packaging Company PD-LD Laser firm Necsel IP Inc., which supplies laser technology for cinema projection, specialty lighting, industrial and life sciences markets, has acquired PD-LD Inc., a photonic packaging company... A60539 Wed, 06 Apr 2016 08:42:44 GMT Precise Wavelength Used to Gently Image Lungs of Newborns To avoid the harmful radiation resulting from x-rays, near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy has been used to image oxygen concentrations in the lungs of newborns, a technique that could be used to... A59539 Wed, 06 Apr 2016 08:23:30 GMT BioLight 2015 Revenue BioLight Life Sciences Ltd., a publically traded ophthalmic technology development firm, has reported its 2015 financial results and said it has achieved all previously announced 2015 milestones. ... A59537 Tue, 05 Apr 2016 14:43:39 GMT Lasers Detect Bacterial Growth in Food Quickly, Accurately A technique referred to as tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) enables fast, accurate and noninvasive measurement of bacteria levels in food, blood supplies and other products derived... A59535 Tue, 05 Apr 2016 08:00:00 GMT NIR Light, Gold Nanoparticles Combine to Inactivate Bacteria A rapid photothermal technique has been developed that irradiates near-infrared (NIR) light to inactivate bacterial cells, such as E. coli, deposited on surfaces coated with gold nanoparticles. The... A59534 Mon, 04 Apr 2016 09:04:18 GMT Optogenetic Technique Recovers Lost Memories in Alzheimer Mouse Model An experimental optogenetics technique has been applied to a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) to rescue memories. The study revealed that spines — small knobs on brain-cell... A59528 Fri, 01 Apr 2016 13:43:53 GMT Fish Retinas Inspire Adjustable Contact Lens Design The elephant nose fish’s uniquely shaped retina has inspired the experimental design for a contact lens that can adjust its focus, a development that could enable autofocus lenses for people... A58489 Thu, 24 Mar 2016 08:14:05 GMT Optogenetic Biobots Are Powered by Skeletal Muscles Optogenetic techniques have enabled noninvasive control of miniature biological robots, or biobots, powered by muscle cells, bringing such bots one step closer to application in health, sensing and... A58477 Mon, 21 Mar 2016 08:57:43 GMT White-Light Therapy Improves Depressive Symptoms in Cancer Survivors Light therapy has been found to decrease depressive symptoms and normalize circadian rhythms among cancer survivors. Researchers from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Northwestern... A58475 Fri, 18 Mar 2016 08:46:49 GMT