Photonics Spectra This is the syndication feed for Photonics Spectra. Sun, 26 Jun 2016 18:45:50 GMT Tue, 31 May 2016 11:15:15 GMT 1800 Microscopy Brings New Worlds Into Focus Though the father-son duo of Hans and Zacharias Janssen is widely credited with developing the first microscope in the late 16th century, it was the English scholar Robert Hooke who inspired... A60735 Tue, 31 May 2016 11:15:15 GMT Illuminating Microscopy Growth and Demand A new mini microscope that uses fluorescence imaging is allowing researchers from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, Calif., to look deeper into the central nervous system. This... A60688 Mon, 16 May 2016 09:58:48 GMT Ultrashort Pulse Laser Micromachining Surpasses Previous Limitations To fulfill current and future customer needs in the ultrashort pulse (USP) laser micromachining market, faster processing time is critical. In only the last few years the average power of these... A60647 Wed, 04 May 2016 12:49:26 GMT Smart Lighting for Smart Kids Most of us prefer to kick back in sunshine and not under a fluorescent bulb, and it turns out there’s a scientific basis for that preference; the intensity of artificial lighting has been shown... A60646 Wed, 04 May 2016 11:52:01 GMT Specialized Optical Mirrors Set to Unlock the Universe’s Darkest Mysteries Large telescopes all across the world stare into the sky day and night, waiting to uncover the secrets of the cosmos. For the Hobby-Eberly Telescope, the world’s third-largest optical... A60645 Wed, 04 May 2016 11:29:03 GMT For Vision Systems, Lighting and Other Advances Up Capabilities and Cut Costs For vision systems, lighting is critical. Now, the wide availability of LEDs offers new choices, such as being able to create complex illumination patterns. There also are new and improved sensors,... A60623 Wed, 27 Apr 2016 16:35:50 GMT Lighting Up Microscopes: Advances and Emerging Sources Microscope developers are a resourceful bunch, opting to use the light source available to them at the time to peer at or below the surface of various materials. Even dating back to the 17th century,... A60622 Wed, 27 Apr 2016 15:52:16 GMT Thermal Capacity of Photon Gas Measured, Aligns with Theory Better understanding the thermal capacity of Bose-Einstein photon condensates could enable the development of ultraprecise thermometers. The drop in the heat-storage capacity of liquid water as... A60620 Wed, 27 Apr 2016 13:25:08 GMT Hamilton Thorne’s Sales and Net Income Rise in 2015 Hamilton Thorne Ltd. has reported a record $9.03 million in sales for the 2015 fiscal year, up 4 percent from the previous year. The company attributed the growth to strong sales of computer... A60616 Wed, 27 Apr 2016 08:42:54 GMT Optogenetics Shows Promise in Treatment of Chronic Pain Optogenetics may someday provide doctors with a noninvasive, highly focused way to treat chronic pain. By making the cells responsible for pain transmission sensitive to light, the technique may be... A60615 Tue, 26 Apr 2016 10:15:52 GMT Third-Harmonic Generation Microscopy Provides In Situ Brain Tumor Imaging A technique involving third-harmonic generation microscopy could allow neurosurgeons to image and assess brain tumor boundaries during surgery, providing optical biopsies in near-real time and... A60607 Mon, 25 Apr 2016 09:22:04 GMT Toptica to Support Life Sciences Laser Miniaturization Project Toptica Photonics AG said it will provide semiconductor laser sources and integration services to PIX4life, a pilot line focused on the development of a compact, fully integrated photonics device to... A60606 Mon, 25 Apr 2016 08:55:29 GMT Quantum Cascade Laser Eliminates Need for External Light Source A novel laser technology, consisting of a quantum cascade laser built on silicon, eliminates the need for an external light source for mid-infrared (MIR) silicon photonic devices or photonic... A60603 Sat, 23 Apr 2016 08:00:00 GMT Holotomography Enables Real-Time, Label-Free Visualization of Cells A powerful method for imaging live cells without staining employs a 2D/3D/4D holographic microscope, allowing real-time, label-free visualization of biological samples. The research group of... A60602 Fri, 22 Apr 2016 08:18:02 GMT Building Energy-Efficient Optoelectronics from Monolayer Semiconductors Optoelectronics applications may soon be built using monolayered 2D heterostructures made from materials using mismatched lattices. In a study led by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak... A60598 Fri, 22 Apr 2016 08:00:00 GMT New Scale Using Small Business Grant for Hexapod New Scale Technologies Inc. is developing the world’s smallest commercial hexapod under a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant. Awarded by the National Eye Institute of the... A60593 Thu, 21 Apr 2016 08:17:51 GMT AIM Photonics' Call for Integrated Photonics Proposals, Deadline July 15 AIM Photonics 2016 call for proposals is open, with a July 15th deadline for submissions. The call for proposals is extended to AIM Photonics members seeking federal funding in 2017 on a... A60590 Wed, 20 Apr 2016 08:11:13 GMT Imec, Crystal Solar Achieve Solar Cell Efficiency Nanoelectronics research center Imec of Leuven, Belgium, and direct wafer developer Crystal Solar have reported 22.5 percent cell efficiency with nPERT silicon solar cells manufactured on 6-in.... A60584 Tue, 19 Apr 2016 08:22:03 GMT Novel Crystal Growth Method Enables Eye-Safe Laser A compact, eye-safe laser light source has been developed for practical applications in medicine, communications and ranging. The solid-state laser emits in the 1500- to 1600-nm range, and is based... A60582 Mon, 18 Apr 2016 09:31:43 GMT Twisted Light Characterization Technique Seeks to Advance Quantum Communications Fully understanding “twisted” light may enable its use in quantum communication applications, and an experimental technique has yielded the first characterization of the azimuthal Wigner... A60580 Sat, 16 Apr 2016 16:14:00 GMT