Photonics Spectra This is the syndication feed for Photonics Spectra. Mon, 24 Oct 2016 10:28:52 GMT Wed, 05 Oct 2016 09:24:30 GMT 1800 Photonics to Bring Lightsaber Experience to Non-Jedis The lightsaber: The elegant weapon of the Jedi Knight has captured the imagination of legions of young moviegoers over the past four decades. If Disney has its way, “Star Wars” fans... A61175 Wed, 05 Oct 2016 09:24:30 GMT New Milestone in Laser Bonding The demand for lightweight construction and economic efficiency has led to R&D efforts in metal-plastic combinations. Although primarily driven by the automotive industry, this has become an... A61174 Wed, 05 Oct 2016 08:52:30 GMT SPIE Photonics West Drives Next-Generation Technologies New technologies that enable advancements in global health care, manufacturing, communication and consumer electronics are at the core of SPIE Photonics West, Jan. 28 to Feb. 2, 2017, the... A61169 Tue, 04 Oct 2016 11:47:22 GMT A Century — and More — of Innovation This month, the Optical Society (OSA) will hold its annual meeting in Rochester, N.Y., at Frontiers in Optics, the capstone event of a year-long celebration of the society’s 100th anniversary.... A61168 Tue, 04 Oct 2016 11:42:32 GMT 3 Questions Interview Alan Willner, 2016 president of The Optical Society (OSA), entered the field of optics about 30 years ago, receiving a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Columbia University in 1988. He is a former... A61097 Fri, 09 Sep 2016 14:33:06 GMT Art and Science: The Development and Impact of Optics It is said that French painter Paul Cézanne (1839-1906) found inspiration in the optics of color and geometry, and that theories about light and vision informed his work. His paintings, in... A61094 Fri, 09 Sep 2016 13:13:02 GMT Sandruck Appointed European Sales Manager at Bristol Optical instrumentation developer Bristol Instruments Inc. has appointed Scott Sandruck as its European sales manager. Sandruck brings more than 20 years of experience in the optics and... A61069 Thu, 01 Sep 2016 11:15:07 GMT Photon Pairs May Contribute to an Alternate Approach to Quantum Computing Microwave signals comprising correlated photons could be used to code information for quantum computing and may offer an alternative use of optical systems to build quantum computers. ... A61067 Thu, 01 Sep 2016 08:48:38 GMT Great Strides in Optical Fabrication In 2018, a six-and-a-half-meter mirror made up of 18 hexagonal segments will quietly unfurl 1.5 million km from Earth, marking the end of years of intense research and refining of optics fabrication... A61064 Wed, 31 Aug 2016 13:55:38 GMT Laser Sensor Can Detect Damage to Military Assets A distributed feedback fiber laser sensor has detected acoustic emission signatures associated with cracks in riveted lap joints, demonstrating that it has the potential to uncover structural damage... A61059 Wed, 31 Aug 2016 09:09:26 GMT Two-Dimensional MEMS Arrays Pave Way for Mobile Spectrometers In the field of near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, a system that combines portability with the accuracy and functionality of high-performance laboratory systems would significantly enhance real-time... A61058 Tue, 30 Aug 2016 15:06:14 GMT Maximum Exposure: Ray-Tracing Software Optimizes Reflector Design The concentrated solar market is often overshadowed by photovoltaic (PV) panels, yet the market segment is expected to grow by nearly 20 percent annually through 2020. Concentrated solar power... A61057 Tue, 30 Aug 2016 10:48:22 GMT Nonlinear Light Manipulation Could Provide Basis for Optical Nanodevices Ultrafast nanoantenna switching between different light-scattering modes, caused by the interaction between an intense laser pulse and the silicon of a nanostructure, could lead to devices that would... A61051 Mon, 29 Aug 2016 14:09:12 GMT 3D Displays Get Closer but Face Hurdles For viewers, a trip into the third dimension is getting cheaper and more satisfying. It also could be getting a lot nearer, driven by changes in photonics, optics and the market. Further out... A61050 Mon, 29 Aug 2016 13:46:05 GMT 2D Perovskite Opens Horizonts for Photovoltaics, Optoelectronics A 2D layered perovskite with crystalline properties has demonstrated more than triple the efficiency of previous 2D perovskites, while also demonstrating significantly more stability than 3D... A61038 Thu, 25 Aug 2016 13:14:00 GMT Max Levy, II-VI Merge Patterning developer Max Levy Autograph Inc. has merged with II-VI Optical Systems. The merger aims to combine the patterning expertise of Max Levy Autograph with the material, optical systems... A61030 Wed, 24 Aug 2016 11:04:36 GMT Arizona Technology Council, AOIA to Partner for Industry Promotion The Arizona Technology Council and the Arizona Optics Industry Association (AOIA) have signed a collaborative agreement to form the Arizona Optics Industry Committee for industry advocacy. The... A61027 Wed, 24 Aug 2016 07:52:05 GMT Electron Spin Control of Nanoparticles Could Advance Sensor Technology A technique used to detect and control the electron spin resonance (ESR) of nanodiamonds in a vacuum chamber may lead to the development of novel sensors for detecting, measuring and monitoring... A61026 Tue, 23 Aug 2016 15:00:00 GMT Measuring Up: From Aspheres to Education The first lenses shown to have aspheric surfaces were discovered in several Viking graves on the island of Gotland in Sweden. Known as the Visby lenses, the rock crystal lenses date to the 11th or... A61025 Tue, 23 Aug 2016 08:22:05 GMT Imaging Technique Enhances Face Recognition in Variable Lighting Conditions A novel technique manages the effect of lighting on photometric-based human face recognition through a fuzzy-based illumination invariant method. The technique, named OptiFuzz, uses an extended... A61024 Mon, 22 Aug 2016 15:00:00 GMT