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FLIR Systems Acquires Acyclica

FLIR Systems Inc. has acquired Acyclica Inc., a developer of software for automotive roadway and intersection data generation and analysis.

Acyclica’s solutions provide high-resolution, real-time traffic information to transportation department end users to make roads safer, reduce congestion, and improve overall efficiency and performance of thoroughfares.

Based in Denver, Acyclica delivers cloud-based analytics of data generated from proprietary technology and from other sensing sources, such as visible and thermal cameras, roadway sensors, radars, and intersection signals. The Acyclica solution is utilized by transportation departments across the globe to get a clear, accurate, and actionable view of their roadway infrastructure to improve traffic flow and safety.

Acyclica’s APIs allow for easy integration into third-party intelligent transportation systems (ITSs), including FLIR ITS cameras, which are currently offered with Acyclica technology on board.

The Acyclica business will be part of FLIR’s ITS division within its commercial business unit.

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