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Case Study: How to Grow Sales Through Branding

Discover how strategic branding can significantly grow your sales.

Jun. 24, 2018

Growing Sales

The Company

Admesy was founded in 2006 in the Netherlands. It offers a broad range of test and measurement instruments focused on color and light measurements for in-line production process environments. Their product range includes spectrometers, colorimeters, light meters, light sources, imaging colorimeters, and related accessories for use in display measurements, SSL/LED measurements, OEM spectrometry, and analysis measurements. In just over a decade, Admesy has grown, with 35+ employees at offices in Europe and Asia, as well as a worldwide network of distributors.

The Challenge

Despite manufacturing competitive products that were similar to or even better than the competition, Admesy experienced slower and sometimes difficult sales because of its status as a relatively unknown in the market. Larger companies would end up winning more business because of their strong brand names that were well known to engineers, scientists, and CEOs.

The Solution

To tackle the disadvantages of this anonymity, Admesy made a conscious effort to promote its brand name in the marketing channels most relevant to its business. After carefully researching different media providers that targeted their ideal customers, and factoring in which magazines they read themselves, Photonics Media was selected as the primary media partner.

At the beginning of its advertising campaign, the most important goal was to get brand name recognition, which was accomplished through branding campaigns in Photonics Spectra magazine and EuroPhotonics magazine. As the relationship between Admesy and Photonics Media grew, a targeted, multichannel advertising approach was chosen as the best way to establish Admesy as a true competitor in its key markets. Utilizing open and honest communication, Admesy was even able to try new advertising opportunities, such as the Photonics Spectrum Wall Chart, which was also a special foldout that was prominently featured in the April 2017 issue of Photonics Spectra.


Since beginning their advertising campaign in 2015, Admesy’s brand recognition has skyrocketed. This is evidenced by an annual reader survey conducted by Lion Associates. Each year the readers of Photonics Spectra are asked to give their feedback on the advertisements in the magazine, and one component of this is “Familiarity with Company’s Products & Services.” Here is an overview of the percentage of readers were familiar with Admesy in 2015 compared to the most recent survey from 2017.

Growing Sales

Admesy’s familiarity increased by a factor of four! While increased brand recognition is excellent, the true indicator of success is revenue. Since implementing its first major advertising campaign, Admesy’s revenue has grown by 400 percent, and the company is now one of the largest colorimeter manufacturers in the world.


Thousands of companies fall short of their sales goals every year, not because they don’t have a great product, but because their potential customers have no idea they exist. This is where an advertising campaign can be an essential asset in creating a brand name and finding new customers. For more information on how Photonics Media can help you increase brand awareness and grow your sales, please visit www.photonics.com/advertise.

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