Fuji Pigment Develops Toxic-Metal-Free QD Manufacturing Process

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Fuji Pigment Co. Ltd., led by Ryohei Mori, has announced the development of a large-scale manufacturing process for carbon and graphene quantum dots (QDs).

Quantum dots under UV Light.
Quantum dots under UV Light. Courtesy of PRNewsFoto/Fuji Pigment Co. Ltd.

Generally QDs are made of semiconductor materials that are expensive and toxic, especially Cd, Se, and Pb. Such toxic heavy metals are even prohibited for use in some industrial areas. Fuji Pigment said its toxic-metal-free QDs exhibit a high light-emitting quantum efficiency and stability comparable to the toxic metal-based quantum dots.

Quantum yield of the carbon QDs currently exceeds 45 percent, and the company said Mori is still pursuing higher quantum efficiency. Quantum yield of the graphene quantum dot is over 80 percent.

QD’s ability to precisely convert and tune a spectrum of light makes them ideal for TV displays, smartphones, tablet displays, LEDs, medical experimental imaging, bioimaging, solar cells, security tags, quantum dot lasers, photonic crystal materials, transistors, thermoelectric materials, various type of sensors and quantum dot computers.

Published: April 2016
quantum dots
A quantum dot is a nanoscale semiconductor structure, typically composed of materials like cadmium selenide or indium arsenide, that exhibits unique quantum mechanical properties. These properties arise from the confinement of electrons within the dot, leading to discrete energy levels, or "quantization" of energy, similar to the behavior of individual atoms or molecules. Quantum dots have a size on the order of a few nanometers and can emit or absorb photons (light) with precise wavelengths,...
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