2023 Vision Tank Start-Up Competition Finalists Announced

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SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 25, 2023 — The Edge AI and Vision Alliance has named the five finalists who will compete in the Vision Tank Start-Up Competition, the organization’s annual competition showcasing new ventures solving real-world problems through innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and computer vision. Each finalist will pitch their company and product to judges during the final round of the Vision Tank, held live on stage at the Embedded Vision Summit May 24.

The audience will select the winner of the Audience Choice Award, while a panel of judges will select the Judges’ Choice Award.

The finalists:

GMAC Intelligence — GMAC is building a drive-through automation solution for quick-service restaurants (QSRs), solving the labor shortage and churn problem for the U.S. QSR industry. Its solution is QSRBot 247 for drive-through automation, which identifies customers, takes their food orders, handles payments, and delivers food. This solution is enabled by on-device implementation of vision AI, speech recognition, and natural language processing algorithms.

Lemur Imaging — Lemur Imaging, a U.K.-based startup, was founded to address the growing problem of reducing system cost and power consumption while increasing computer vision detection accuracy. The company’s perceptually lossless compression core allows computer vision engineers to improve the accuracy of their models while reducing static RAM by 2× and dynamic RAM bandwidth/power consumption by 3 to 4×.

Optimizing Mind — Optimizing Mind has developed a technology called Transfer Learning Squared that performs transfer learning training much more efficiently, using 1% of data samples. This technology overcomes the problem known as catastrophic forgetting and reduces development time and costs.

Parrots — Polly is an AI-enhanced assistive platform that helps people with neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. Polly uses AI/machine learning to give real-time voice (communication), cognitive assistance (control), and telecare (caregiving) to people with advanced neurological conditions.

ProHawk Technology Group — ProHawk Technology Group is a computer vision restoration solutions provider that offers solutions to fix low-quality video. Its mission is to help clients optimize their operations and increase their bottom line by leveraging computer vision restoration technologies.

Finalist video pitches can be viewed at


Published: April 2023
machine vision
Interpretation of an image of an object or scene through the use of optical noncontact sensing mechanisms for the purpose of obtaining information and/or controlling machines or processes.
artificial intelligence
The ability of a machine to perform certain complex functions normally associated with human intelligence, such as judgment, pattern recognition, understanding, learning, planning, and problem solving.
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