4 Things That Financial Investing Can Teach Us About Advertising

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Matthew Beebe, [email protected]

Invest in advertising

1. It is an investment

It often gets forgotten that advertising is not an expense, but an investment. Much like financial investing, the goal is to make back more money than you put in. Return on investment is the name of the game.

2. Diversification is crucial

If your financial adviser recommended that you put all of your money into just one stock, you would probably start looking for a new financial adviser. The same logic applies to investing in advertising.

The key is to invest your money where your customers invest their time. This includes trade shows, industry publications, search marketing, content marketing, online display ads, and targeted newsletters.

3. Think long term

Investing is a long-term commitment, usually meant to bolster retirement funds—not fund your next big-ticket purchase. Advertising works in a similar way. Running an advertising campaign for one year and calling it quits will accomplish nothing, but committing to a long-term plan will lead to long-term results.

4. Don’t do it without a plan

Financial investing and advertising both seem a lot simpler on the surface then they actually are. Unless you work on Wall Street, investing without a sound plan or without speaking to a financial planner is not advisable. The same logic applies in the world of advertising. Running a rushed or poorly planned campaign will only leave you angry and confused.

Published: April 2020

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