AGC Inc. Transfers Ownership of Group Company

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TOKYO, Jan. 2, 2023 — Glass manufacturing company AGC Inc. (formerly Asahi Glass Co. Ltd.) reached an agreement with Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Group Co. Ltd. (SYP Group) to transfer its ownership stake in applied glass material company AGC Flat Glass (Dalian) Inc. Per the agreement, SYP Group takes over the company for a purchase price of ¥5.8 billion (approximately $43.8 million).

AGC Flat Glass (Dalian) Inc. manufactures and sells glass for architectural, automotive, and industrial use.

Remaining AGC Inc. group companies market offerings including molded aspherical glass lenses and optical glass parts; optoelectronics products for components such as optical pickups; synthetic silica glass for semiconductor manufacturing; and optical coatings.

In 2022, AGC Inc. established a dedicated, in-house life sciences company; established a subsidiary company to integrate its Chlor-Alkali business in Thailand and Southeast Asia markets; and transferred all shares of two joint ventures based in the U.S.

Published: January 2023
A noncrystalline, inorganic mixture of various metallic oxides fused by heating with glassifiers such as silica, or boric or phosphoric oxides. Common window or bottle glass is a mixture of soda, lime and sand, melted and cast, rolled or blown to shape. Most glasses are transparent in the visible spectrum and up to about 2.5 µm in the infrared, but some are opaque such as natural obsidian; these are, nevertheless, useful as mirror blanks. Traces of some elements such as cobalt, copper and...
optical coatings
Optical coatings are thin layers of materials applied to optical components, such as lenses, mirrors, filters, and prisms, to modify their reflective and transmissive properties. These coatings are designed to enhance the performance of optical systems by controlling the way light interacts with the surfaces of the components. The primary purposes of optical coatings include: Antireflection coating: This type of coating is designed to reduce reflections from the surfaces of optical...
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