AKHAN Awarded Patent for Diamond-Based IR Antireflective Coating

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CHICAGO, April 18, 2019 — AKHAN Semiconductor Inc. has been issued a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its next-generation, diamond-based multilayer antireflective coating systems, which are key in military and aerospace sensor and detector applications.

The patent covers their system and method for diamond-based multilayer antireflective coatings for optical materials. AKHAN specializes in the fabrication and application of lab-grown, electronics-grade diamond.

The patent is a key addition to AKHAN’s Miraj Diamond Glass portfolio and enables new capabilities in optical sensing, detecting, and transmission. Through integration of high-quality diamond multilayer materials, the system allows for optical components with ultrahardness, scratch-resistance, high thermal conductivity, hydrophobicity, and chemical and biological inertness, with high transmittance at a variety of critical angles.

Adam Khan, AKHAN founder and CEO, said that because of the diamond's absorption spectra in the medium wavelength IR region, the material has been historically absent for IR application use. However, the company’s diamond-based multilayer materials make it possible to capture the favorable properties of diamond for more rugged systems use, such as those experienced in battlefield conditions.

AKHAN’s lab-grown nanocrystalline Miraj Diamond Glass is capable of increasing power density, as well as creating faster, lighter, and simpler devices for consumer use.

Published: April 2019
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