Aalyria, HICO Partner to Deploy Laser Communications to Commercial Ships

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Aalyria Technologies and HICO Investment Group have signed a memorandum of understanding  outlining the objectives and framework of a collaboration to deploy up to 200 of Aalyria’s high-speed, free-space optics communications platforms across the maritime industry through the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Aalyria’s Tightbeam technology uses coherent-light laser terminals to transmit data through the atmosphere at speeds starting at 100 Gbit/s. Tightbeam is capable of operating with high fidelity in atmospheric conditions that have historically hampered predecessor optical technologies.

Aalyria aims to outfit thousands of marine vessels with Tightbeam terminals, enabling a large mesh network that will extend high-speed, ground-based connectivity far into the open ocean without relying on satellites. Tightbeam terminals operating onshore, in harbors, or on offshore stations will connect to nearby vessels and aircraft, which can then connect to other vessels and aircraft operating farther from land. Through the extension of this connectivity across and among a variety of vessels and aircraft, a first-of-its-kind Global Surface Marine Internet will be created. Fiber-like speeds can be achieved through the atmosphere, and data will be transported across oceans and to locations as never possible before.

The dynamic network needed to ensure that connectivity is maintained across Tightbeam-equipped vessels is made possible by Aalyria’s Spacetime technology. Spacetime is an advanced software platform designed for orchestrating and managing complex mesh networks across all connectivity-equipped assets, including satellites, ground stations, aircraft, and ships. Spacetime considers all factors that could affect the ability of Tightbeam terminals to close a connection and automatically reroute connections in real time to maintain optimal connectivity among all vessels in the fleet.

Aalyria has recently struck a number of deals with a range of public and private sector partners including the Defense Innovation Unit, Intelsat, Rivada Space Networks, Anduril, Leidos, and the U.S. Navy.

Published: October 2023
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