Aalyria to Orchestrate Network for Rivada’s Planned Satellite Constellation

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LIVERMORE, Calif., March 15, 2023 — Aalyria and Rivada Space Networks have entered into an agreement to use Aalyria’s Spacetime platform to orchestrate the network for Rivada’s planned low-Earth-orbit (LEO) satellite constellation.

Aalyria — a company launched late last year after acquiring networking and communications technology developed by Google parent company Alphabet — will use its Spacetime solution to optimize connectivity within the Rivada network. Spacetime is a software platform designed to find the most robust and reliable means of communication between any two user terminals in the world through real-time analysis of millions of possible paths. The platform operates networks across land, sea, air, and space, at any altitude or orbit type; supports all radio frequency bands and optical wavelengths; and is designed for interoperability with legacy, hybrid space, 5G NTN, and FutureG network architectures.

Spacetime is also domain agnostic, meaning it can orchestrate networks across nearly anything that is connectivity-equipped on Earth or in space. 

Rivada’s constellation will consist of 600 satellites connected by laser link to offer integrated core and edge connectivity over a single global private network in space. The first satellite launch is planned for 2025, with global service starting in 2026.

Published: March 2023
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Low Earth orbit (LEO) refers to a region in space that is relatively close to Earth's surface, typically characterized by altitudes ranging from approximately 180 to 2,000 kilometers (112 to 1,242 miles). Satellites and spacecraft in low Earth orbit follow paths that are close to the planet, completing an orbit around Earth in a relatively short period. Key characteristics of low Earth orbit include: Altitude range: LEO extends from altitudes just above the Earth's atmosphere (around...
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