Action-Packed Trailer Kicks Off International Day of Light 2022

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BELLINGHAM, Wash., May 16, 2022 — Three photonics professional societies partnered to kick off the International Day of Light, May 16, with a stylized trailer for a movie titled “Day of Light.” In the trailer, a diverse group of problem-solvers tackles some of the most pressing issues facing modern society, such as clean energy, water supply, illness, and hunger, using light-based technologies.
A poster for "Day of Light," a movie trailer created by SPIE, Optica, and IEEE. Courtesy of UNESCO.
A poster for 'Day of Light,' a movie trailer created by SPIE, Optica, and IEEE. Courtesy of UNESCO.
The trailer is designed to bring awareness of light-based technologies and their capabilities for addressing some of society’s most pressing problems.

“Light-based technologies are providing much-needed solutions to some of our biggest global challenges and will continue to do so,” said SPIE CEO Kent Rochford.

“On the International Day of Light, we celebrate these contributions from our community and hope this celebration inspires others — particularly students — to study and work in light science and technology.”

The film trailer directs users to a website that describes some of the technologies mentioned in the trailer and how they can be used to solve problems, as well as resources on how to learn more about the technologies and how to pursue a career in the photonics field.

“By continuing to advance light science and make known to the world the importance of the technologies derived from it, we will help to grow and support this vibrant technical community,” said Doug Razzano, executive director of the IEEE Photonics Society.

The International Day of Light, celebrated annually on May 16, is a global initiative to raise awareness of the central role that light-based technology plays across science, culture, education, and sustainable development. The May 16 date was chosen in honor of Theodore Maiman’s first demonstration of a laser in 1960. Celebrations and events this year are again taking place on six continents.

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Published: May 2022
The technology of generating and harnessing light and other forms of radiant energy whose quantum unit is the photon. The science includes light emission, transmission, deflection, amplification and detection by optical components and instruments, lasers and other light sources, fiber optics, electro-optical instrumentation, related hardware and electronics, and sophisticated systems. The range of applications of photonics extends from energy generation to detection to communications and...
The science of measurement, particularly of lengths and angles.
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