Additive Manufacturing Materials Consortium Working on Standards

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LOS ANGELES, June 24, 2024 — MIMO Technik and ASTRO Mechanical Testing Laboratory have been selected by the Additive Manufacturing Materials Consortium to help develop open laser powder bed fusion parameter sets for consortium member materials in the U.S.

MIMO Technik and ASTRO Mechanical Testing Laboratory will serve as lead fabrication and testing partners on the project. The consortium plans to utilize ASTRO and MIMO Technik’s proprietary MASTRO method alongside founding consortium member Dyndrite’s software to speed development and delivery of materials.

Developed over the last two years, the “MASTRO AM-MCQP-2024: Additive Material Characterization and Qualification Protocol for Production Readiness” is a hyperfast qualification process that involves iterative experiments to determine values for all variables that influence the metal printing process. The parameters are then stored in Dyndrite Build Recipes for usage.

The platform consists of standardized and shareable MASTRO Dyndrite build recipes, which are used for parameter development and the ASTRO testing process. MASTRO-qualified materials are now in production for fracture-critical hardware such as landing gear, propulsion systems, payload structures, and defense applications.

Published: June 2024
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