Aeluma and RFSUNY Team Up to Aid AIM Photonics

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Semiconductor sensor technology company Aeluma has entered into an agreement with the Research Foundation for the State University of New York (RFSUNY) in support of AIM Photonics. Aeluma and AIM will collaborate on an ongoing government-directed project to develop the heterogeneous integration of compound semiconductor devices on silicon.

The project builds on work first begun under AIM Photonics’ base award. These efforts have focused on ways to provide seamless access to high-performance lasers and amplifiers in manufacturable photonics platforms through the heterogeneous integration of diverse materials.

Aeluma has outlined objectives and goals for the project. The major technical objective of the project is to develop direct-on-silicon quantum dot lasers and semiconductor optical amplifiers for maximum active device density, efficiency, reliability, and process integration. The goal is to grow the materials needed to create lasers and amplifiers directly on the silicon semiconductor wafers. 

Aeluma’s approach, according to the company, has the potential to eliminate the need for the costly and time-consuming steps associated with placing individual lasers on the wafer. A primary company focus is infrared sensors for the automotive, industrial, and transportation sectors.

Published: December 2022
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