Atom Computing Lands Investment, Expands Overseas

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark, June 7, 2024 — Quantum computing developer Atom Computing has received a 70 million DKK ($10.2 million) investment from the Export and Investment Fund of Denmark (EIFO). That money and a new partnership with Danish officials will help the company to establish its European headquarters in Copenhagen.

“In Denmark, Atom Computing employs quantum research that began over 100 years ago at the Niels Bohr Institute and continues to this day at Danish universities and NATO’s Deep Tech Lab – Quantum,” Atom Computing CEO Rob Hays wrote in a blog post discussing the partnership.
CEO at Atom Computing Robert Hays (left) and CEO at EIFO Peder Lundquist (right). Courtesy of Atom Computing.
CEO at Atom Computing Robert Hays (left) and CEO at EIFO Peder Lundquist (right). Courtesy of Atom Computing.

EIFO’s investment — its first with a non-Danish company — was made in close collaboration with Atom Computing and Invest in Denmark, an organization promoting national investments. The decision supports the country’s National Strategy for Quantum Technology, as well as the Quantum Information and Sciences Technology cooperation agreement between Denmark and the U.S.

Atom Computing’s quantum approach uses atomic arrays of optically-trapped neutral atoms to build scalable gate-based quantum computers. According to the company, the neutral atom approach provides the scalability, fidelity, and long-coherence times necessary to meet next-generation demands on a faster timeframe compared to other approaches. Atom Computing is exploring algorithm development with a 100-qubit prototype called Phoenix and is the first company to cross the 1000-qubit threshold.

Published: June 2024
The term quantum refers to the fundamental unit or discrete amount of a physical quantity involved in interactions at the atomic and subatomic scales. It originates from quantum theory, a branch of physics that emerged in the early 20th century to explain phenomena observed on very small scales, where classical physics fails to provide accurate explanations. In the context of quantum theory, several key concepts are associated with the term quantum: Quantum mechanics: This is the branch of...
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