Bentley Systems Acquires Blyncsy, Adds to iTwin Ventures Portfolio

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EXTON, Pa., Sept. 1, 2023 — Bentley Systems, an infrastructure engineering software company, has acquired Blyncsy, a provider of services for departments of transportation to support operations and maintenance activities. The digital twin ecosystem focus of Bentley’s iTwin Ventures portfolio, Bentley said, is bolstered by accelerating the development and propagation of such broadly valuable infrastructure asset analytics.

Bentley’s iTwin cloud platform provides instant access to large-scale data sets for visualization and insights. The platform is built on open application programming interfaces and libraries purposely made for digital twin applications that create, visualize, and analyze digital twins of infrastructure assets. Per the deal, Blyncsy will adopt Bentley’s iTwin Platform for immersive integration with infrastructure owners’ engineering and simulation models, and Bentley will incorporate and bring to market Blyncsy’s AI services within its emerging mobility digital twin offerings.

Blyncsy applies computer vision and AI in analyzing commonly available imagery to identify maintenance issues on roadway networks. Its services replace manual data-collection efforts, reducing the need for personnel, specialized vehicles, or hardware in the field and improving transportation owner-operators’ awareness and timely mitigation of road conditions. Blyncsy detects over 50 different roadway safety issues, including the actual location of active construction work zones.
Blyncsy’s automated road inspection system’s AI is able to identify hazards and roadway assets like guard rails, assess their condition, and alert the driver of any perceived problems. Courtesy of Bentley Systems.

Blyncsy’s automated road inspection system’s AI identifies hazards and roadway assets, like guardrails, and can assess their condition and alert the driver of any perceived problems. Courtesy of Bentley Systems.

Published: September 2023
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