Biophotonic Solutions to Present Ultrafast Laser Pulse Shaping Workshop

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Laser pulse compression provider Biophotonic Solutions Inc. (BSI) will collaborate with Michigan State University (MSU) to present the 2013 Ultrafast Pulse Shaping Workshop from Aug. 19 to 21 at MSU.

The event will feature lectures by leading ultrafast laser experts, including BSI founder and MSU professor Dr. Marcos Dantus, and will provide participants with a full day of hands-on experimentation on a variety of ultrafast lasers equipped with BSI’s MIIPS technology, which enables users to quickly measure, compress and shape ultrafast laser pulses, automatically delivering optimized laser light to the target. The technology was invented at MSU.

“The Ultrafast Pulse Shaping Workshop will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn about pulse shaping both from a conceptual standpoint and through first-hand experience on the laser systems we'll have running,” said BSI CEO Kiyomi Monro. “It's a great opportunity for researchers to find out how they could improve their laser lab setups and for commercial laser users to get a sense of how adaptive pulse compression might enhance the reliability of their applications and reduce their maintenance costs.”

BSI and MSU have jointly held the pulse shaping workshop every August since 2008.

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Published: July 2013
pulse shaping
The use of variations in the power supplied to a laser to change the shape of the output pulse. The technique is used in laser welding, for example, to condition a surface by preheating it at a low power or to anneal a surface at low power after the high-power weld is completed.
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