Blaize Partners with Korea Telecom

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EL DORADO HILLS, Calif., Dec. 22, 2022 — AI technology company Blaize formed a strategic collaboration with Korea Telecom (KT) that targets artificial IoT (AIoT) edge device technical development cooperation for autonomous driving, robotics, and mobility artificial intelligence (AI) vision surveillance management. Blaize and KT intend to coordinate, promote, and support the advancement of manufacturing and services requirements of AI development and education for on-device technology for AI market creation in Korea.

KT plans to commercialize specialized terminals and services, such as intelligent IoT routing equipment, micro-mobility services incorporating AIoT technology, and AIoT autonomous driving logistics transport devices for use in distribution, logistics, and smart factories.

Blaize provides a purpose-built, full-stack hardware architecture and low-code/no-code software platform that enables edge AI processing solutions at the network’s edge. The company’s solution aims at very low latency and high thermal and power efficiency for edge AI processing.

Published: December 2022
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computer vision
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