Blue PHOLED Advance Announced

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EWING, N.J., July 7 -- Universal Display Corp., a developer of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology for flat panel displays, lighting and other optoelectronic applications, said it has created a sky-blue PHOLED with an operating lifetime of more than 15,000 hours.

"This is the first blue PHOLED which has broken through, by an order of magnitude, the 1000-hour lifetime barrier -- a challenge that some people thought might be insurmountable," the company said in an announcement at its annual shareholders' meeting, held recently in Philadelphia.

The company said its blue PHOLED has a lifetime of more than 15,000 hours at 200 cd/m2 with 9.5 percent external quantum efficiency and 22 cd/A luminous efficiency. It has CIE coordinates of 0.16, 0.37 and a 474-nm peak emission wavelength, which is equivalent to a sky-blue color.

Universal Display said the system is not yet saturated enough for commercial full-color applications. Earlier this year, it disclosed it had developed a deep blue PHOLED. It said it is continuing its efforts to unify the deep blue color, efficiency and lifetime in one system for the commercial OLED market. The company said it is now a step closer to an all-phosphorescent system that may have benefits in OLED power efficiency for portable and large-area displays and in organic electronics such as solid-state lighting.

The Universal Display research team is comprised of scientists and engineers from Universal Display, PPG Industries, Princeton University and the University of Southern California.

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Published: July 2005
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