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Cannabis Industry Boom is a Boon for Spectroscopic Detection

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As the cannabis industry takes off, spectrometry plays a key role in multielemental analysis.


Despite remaining illegal at a federal level and in about one-third of states, the legal cannabis industry in the U.S. has become a nearly $11 billion business — a figure that is predicted to double by 2022. The boom of the industry, which exceeded $244 million in tax, license, and fee revenue for the state of Colorado in 2018, is also a boon for scientists, specifically analytical chemists, as testing facilities and instrument companies sprout up like, well, weeds. Cannabis

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Published: January 2019
The chemical method of separating compounds dissolved in one phase (usually mobile) through its equilibration with a second phase (usually stationary). The mechanism of separation may involve partition, adsorption, permeation or exclusion, or ion exchange.
vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy
A method of spectral analysis using wavelengths between 100 and 300 nm that utilizes both emission and absorption techniques.
spectroscopySpectrometerscannabiscannabinoidterpenechromatographyUV spectroscopymass spectroscopymyclobutanilportable spectroscopyvacuum ultraviolet spectroscopyVUV spectroscopyFeatures

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