Coherent Solutions, ficonTEC Service to Collaborate

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Coherent Solutions and ficonTEC Services have partnered to advance electro-optical measurement capability for use in volume testing within the manufacturing cycle of integrated photonic devices.

Coherent Solutions photonic test and measurement instruments includes a lineup of modules that leverage National Instruments’ LabVIEW graphical programming. As ficonTEC’s software is also based around LabVIEW, integration of the two enables the creation of sophisticated and fully automated test solutions to match individual requirements.

To achieve the same goal within non-LabVIEW and alternative instrumentation environments, Coherent Solutions additionally offers the same optical measurement capability in a range of compact, modular benchtop and IoT-focused test equipment that can be equally well interfaced to ficonTEC’s process control software. Either approach can be flexibly used by manufacturers to speed up development and production of the latest photonic integrated circuits and devices.

The companies are initially focusing their sights on manufacturers of modules and components for telecom and datacom, and on systems for testing high-density VCSEL systems as used in 3D optical sensing/imaging applications, such as automotive lidar and face recognition modules found in smartphones.

Published: May 2019
integrated photonics
Integrated photonics is a field of study and technology that involves the integration of optical components, such as lasers, modulators, detectors, and waveguides, on a single chip or substrate. The goal of integrated photonics is to miniaturize and consolidate optical elements in a manner similar to the integration of electronic components on a microchip in traditional integrated circuits. Key aspects of integrated photonics include: Miniaturization: Integrated photonics aims to...
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