Delta Optical Thin Film Moving into New Facility

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HØRSHOLM, Denmark, Aug. 18, 2020 — Delta Optical Thin Film is moving into a new 2300-sq-m facility. The custom-designed two-story building contains a cleanroom, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, diving equipment, automatic visual inspection system, and packing equipment, as well as a Bühler Helios 800 for optical coating.

Published: August 2020
A beamsplitter is an optical device used to divide a beam of light into two or more separate beams, typically by reflecting a portion of the incident light while transmitting the remainder. Beamsplitters are widely used in various optical systems and applications, including microscopy, interferometry, laser systems, and telecommunications. beamsplitter suppliers → Beamsplitters can be classified into different types based on their operating principles and designs: Plate...
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