EOS Acquires Longtime Supplier KiwiStar Optics

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Electro Optic Systems Holdings Ltd. (EOS) has entered into an agreement with Callaghan Innovation to acquire the assets and hire the personnel of KiwiStar Optics (KSO), a producer of precision optics (telescope lenses up to and over 1 m in diameter) and spectrographs. KSO is a supplier to EOS.
A KiwiStar Optics technician inspects the surface quality of a finished 1 m optic. Courtesy of KiwiStar Optics.
A KiwiStar Optics technician inspects the surface quality of a finished 1-m optic. Courtesy of EOS.
EOS is also investing to add further capability to KSO through an investment in new state-of-the-art optical equipment via the asset purchase of Arizona Optical Services, a manufacturer of large aspheric optics. This will augment the existing equipment and skill base of the KSO team.

Published: April 2022
The scientific observation of celestial radiation that has reached the vicinity of Earth, and the interpretation of these observations to determine the characteristics of the extraterrestrial bodies and phenomena that have emitted the radiation.
An optical instrument for forming the spectrum of a light source and recording it on a film. The dispersing medium may be a prism or a diffraction grating. A concave grating requires no other means to form a sharp image of the slit on the film, but a plane grating or a prism requires auxiliary lenses or concave mirrors to act as image-forming means in addition to the dispersing element. Refracting prisms can be used only in parallel light, so a collimating lens is required before the prism and...
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