EOS Space Systems, EX-Fusion Team to Combat Space Debris

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Electro Optic Systems (EOS) Space Systems, a provider of space-based optical surveillance capabilities, has entered into a memorandum of understanding with EX-Fusion, a startup working on laser fusion technology, to explore the usage of high-power laser technologies developed for laser fusion purposes to help address the space debris problem. The companies will investigate next-generation space debris tracking and clearing technologies, evaluating the use of EX-Fusion’s high-power laser technologies for space debris tracking and clearing.

Space debris threatens to cause catastrophic collisions with valuable space assets that are essential to modern life on Earth, such as telecommunications, positioning, and navigation. One strategy to mitigate the space debris problem is to use optical ground stations equipped with high-power laser systems to remove space debris or alter its orbit to prevent these catastrophic collisions.

EOS Space Systems’ existing technologies include operational systems for optical tracking and laser ranging of space debris orbiting Earth, and experience in previous programs working to maneuver space debris using ground-based lasers. EX-Fusion also possesses expertise in high-power lasers, as it aims to build and power the world’s first laser fusion reactor. 

Published: October 2023
1. The process of following an object's movement; accomplished by focusing a radar beam on the reticle of an optical system on the object and plotting its bearing and distance at specific intervals. 2. In display technology, use of a light pen to move an object across a display screen.
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