EVK Acquires Rights to Software Platform from Perception Park

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Hyperspectral imaging technology company EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH acquired chemometric software from Perception Park GmbH, a specialist provider of chemical color imaging solutions. The acquired software includes components of former products Perception Studio and Perception Systems. EVK now holds full ownership of the software, including all related intellectual property rights.

According to EVK CEO Matjaz Novak, EVK acquired the chemometric software to integrate parts of the software code into EVK’s EVK SQALAR product, a separate software for creating and validating classification models based on hyperspectral imaging data. EVK SQALAR chemometric software, in combination with EVK HELIOS hyperspectral cameras and EVK ALPHA edge computing, offers a platform for fast development and deployment of sorting and monitoring applications in the processing industries.

EVK’s technology platform is used to classify objects and parts based on their chemical composition, allowing quantitative measurement of chemical properties such as dry mass, protein, moisture, and polymers. In April 2022, EVK launched its EVK Stream SUPERVISOR software, which uses hyperspectral data to monitor material and product flows in real time. Typical applications for EVK Stream SUPERVISOR, as cited by EVK, are in the process lines of the waste and recycling industries, the mining sector, and the food industry.

Published: February 2023
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