Eikon Therapeutics Raises $518M, Completes Recruitment of Leadership Team

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Eikon Therapeutics, a company focused on the application of superresolution microscopy to drug discovery, closed a $517.8 million Series B financing round. Since its founding, Eikon Therapeutics has raised more than $688 million.

The company has also completed recruitment of its leadership team. The company has now named Daniel Anderson as chief scientific officer, Russ Berman as chief technical officer, Alfred Bowie Jr. as CFO, Barbara Howes as chief people officer, Ashish Kheterpal as chief information officer, and Ben Thorner as general counsel and chief business officer.

Published: January 2022
Superresolution refers to the enhancement or improvement of the spatial resolution beyond the conventional limits imposed by the diffraction of light. In the context of imaging, it is a set of techniques and algorithms that aim to achieve higher resolution images than what is traditionally possible using standard imaging systems. In conventional optical microscopy, the resolution is limited by the diffraction of light, a phenomenon described by Ernst Abbe's diffraction limit. This limit sets a...
fluorescence microscopy
Fluorescence microscopy is a specialized optical imaging technique used in biology, chemistry, and materials science to visualize and study specimens that exhibit fluorescence. Fluorescence is the phenomenon where a substance absorbs light at one wavelength and emits light at a longer wavelength. In fluorescence microscopy, fluorescent dyes or proteins are used to label specific structures or molecules within a sample. The basic principles of fluorescence microscopy involve illuminating the...
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