Evident, Partners Advance Live-Cell Imaging Instrumentation

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Life science imaging systems producer Evident has collaborated with illumination and imaging technology company 89 North and advanced microscopy systems producer CrestOptics to promote confocal spinning-disk technology to advance live-cell imaging in the Americas. The technology around which the collaboration has formed combines microscopes and optics from Evident with spinning-disk confocal platforms from CrestOptics and laser diode illuminators from 89 North.
Glomerulus z-stack at 60x. Captured on the Crest CICERO system. Courtesy of CrestOptics.
Glomerulus z-stack at 60x. Captured on the Crest CICERO system. Courtesy of CrestOptics.
Integrating these solutions, Evident said, will expand the range of live-cell imaging tools available to researchers and enable customized designs to fit specific needs. The collaborators will focus on technologies and applications including superresolution confocal imaging, live cell imaging, and widefield microscopy.

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Published: November 2023
An instrument consisting essentially of a tube 160 mm long, with an objective lens at the distant end and an eyepiece at the near end. The objective forms a real aerial image of the object in the focal plane of the eyepiece where it is observed by the eye. The overall magnifying power is equal to the linear magnification of the objective multiplied by the magnifying power of the eyepiece. The eyepiece can be replaced by a film to photograph the primary image, or a positive or negative relay...
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