Expansion Doubles Diamond-Growing Capacity at Scio

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Scio Diamond Technology Corp. is expected to complete an expansion in May that will more than double its capacity to create diamonds for optical and other applications.

The company is refitting its current diamond-growing reactors with larger growing platforms, as well as adding new reactors. Its patented chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process allows production of diamonds that are physically and optically identical to mined diamonds.

Production of each diamond takes three to four weeks. The single-crystal, Type IIa, 3- to 5-carat rough gems are then finished into 1- to 2-carat stones. Colorless stones are used for jewelry and industrial applications, such as optical windows, laser scalpels and electronics. Pink stones are used for jewelry and precision milling and grinding.

The expansion is funded by $2.5 million from Heritage Gemstone Investors Inc., a group that includes Vivian Wong, William Coleman and Dr. Sudhirkumar C. Patel.

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Published: April 2015
chemical vapor deposition
Chemical vapor deposition is a process of applying dopants to a glass bait by flame reactions of gaseous compounds. See also outside vapor-phase oxidation; inside vapor-phase oxidation.
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