FRAMOS AI Vision Spinoff Rebranded as ‘cubemos’

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MUNICH, Nov. 4, 2019 — The FRAMOS Group’s spinoff FRAMOS AI has been renamed cubemos. The entity, part of FRAMOS Holdings, focuses on deep learning and AI development.

The company recently launched the Skeleton SDK as its first in-house software product.

“The renaming of the AI spinoff to cubemos is the starting point to seed our own culture and footprint in the market, and to provide continuous growth,” said Dr. Christopher Scheubel, cubemos’ CEO.

Originally, cubemos was founded in 2018 after Dr. Andreas Franz and Scheubel from FRAMOS had identified a strong industry need to analyze imaging data with AI. Together with CTO Patrick Bilic, they started their own business model, completely independent from FRAMOS. After successfully running several AI projects, the team launched its first product: an AI skeleton tracking SDK optimized for Intel RealSense cameras.

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Published: November 2019
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