Fluence Opens Micromachining Facility

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WARSAW, Poland, Nov. 23, 2021 — Femtosecond laser and fiber technology company Fluence has opened a facility in Wroclaw, Poland, called the Fluence Ultrafast Laser Application Laboratory (ULAL). The lab is equipped with a high-precision automated micromachining station based on high-power femtosecond lasers.

The micromachining station is composed of positioning stages, galvoscanners, and various fixed and beam-shaping optics. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including Fluence’s Jasper 30 femtosecond fiber laser. Additionally, partnerships with SCANLAB, ACS Motion Control, Direct Machining Control, and Holo/Or have provided the facility with additional equipment to enable the machining of large samples with precise motion synchronization and fast glass cutting.

“The new facility will give our customers the hands-on technical experience they need to solve complex laser micromachining challenges in cutting, microdrilling, marking, structuring, welding, scribing, and more,” said Bogusz Stepak, R&D director of laser microprocessing at Fluence.

The ULAL targets laser micromachining applications such as cutting glass, polymer, metal (including titanium and tungsten), and hard materials such as diamond and sapphire; microdrilling; surface structuring; surface functionalization; in-volume and surface marking; selective layer removal; semiconductor scribing; and transparent material welding.

Published: November 2021
A measure of time-integrated particle flux given as particles per square centimeter (joules/cm2).
fiber laser
A laser in which the lasing medium is an optical fiber doped with low levels of rare-earth halides to make it capable of amplifying light. Output is tunable over a broad range and can be broadband. Laser diodes can be used for pumping because of the fiber laser's low threshold power, eliminating the need for cooling.
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