Gardasoft Transfers US Operations to CCS America

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Gardasoft LLC (U.S.), a designer and manufacturer of LED controllers, liquid lens controllers, embedded controllers, and other lighting components and products, has ceased operations. Gardasoft Vision (Gardasoft), based in Cambridge, England, in press releases dated July 30, said that CCS America (CCSA), a developer of LED lighting solutions for machine vision applications, has assumed all business for Gardasoft LLC from April 2021.

Gardasoft had been owned by the CCS Group since January, and CCSA had been the master distributor of Gardasoft LLC controllers and accessories to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico since October 2019. Gardasoft and CCSA were sister companies within the Optex Group, a holding company. Gardasoft LLC was established as a U.S. corporation in 2013.

In the July 30 releases, Gardasoft said it is “committed to maintaining and expanding its existing presence in the North American market under the strong leadership of CCS America.”

Published: August 2021
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