Get Emotional With Your Advertising

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Matthew Beebe, [email protected]

Get emotional with your advertising

Anyone who has ever worked in sales can tell you that sometimes despite rock-solid logic and perfect timing, deals can still fall apart. Why does this happen? The answer is simply that humans are emotional beings and that we buy based on emotion, not on logic. We need to feel a certain way about a choice before taking action.

Need proof? Years ago, a neuroscientist named Antonio Damasio conducted a study on people with damage in the section of the brain where emotions are created. Everything about these people was completely ordinary except for one thing: they could not feel emotion. When these people were asked to make a choice between two fairly similar options, they simply could not do it. They could verbalize the pros and cons of each option, but they could not choose one or the other. In summary, emotions are what drive your decisions.

In the same way that emotions control your decisions, they also control your future customer’s decisions. So when advertising your products and services, you need to appeal to their emotions and not just their logic. For example, you can list all the benefits of your products and services, but this will not make them buy your offerings. Instead, your advertisement should evoke emotion in your future customers, like what they can gain by choosing you or what they could lose if they don’t choose you.

People often say “No need to get emotional,” but I disagree. When it comes to advertising, my advice is to get very emotional.

Published: June 2019
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