Gigaphoton Reports 2-h-Straight Run for EUV Source

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Lithography light source manufacturer Gigaphoton Inc. has announced that its extreme UV (EUV) laser-produced plasma (LPP) light source has achieved 2-h continuous operation.

The milestone was confirmed using a prototype LPP system that generates EUV light by irradiating tin droplets with a solid-state prepulse laser and a CO2 main-pulse laser. A superconducting magnet was used to generate a powerful magnetic field that guided unwanted tin debris resulting from the thermal expansion of the droplets toward the tin catcher. The 2-h continuous operation produced an average output power of 5 W at 2 percent conversion efficiency. Current EUV output levels are around 10 W; Gigaphoton aims to develop a system that delivers 250-W output.

“I am very pleased with the progress we have made in achieving 2 hours of continuous operation using our unique LPP light source technologies,” said President and CEO Hitoshi Tomaru. “We will continue our efforts to help to bring the industry closer to realizing EUV lithography tools for HVM [high-volume manufacturing].”

Gigaphoton also announced recently that it has delivered its first ArF immersion excimer laser to a major lithography scanner manufacturer.

The GT64A laser produces variable power outputs ranging from 90 to 120 W for multipatterning in 450-mm wafer production applications. Power output can be adjusted automatically to optimal levels based on scanner requirements and the user’s process. With its highly stable energy, spectral bandwidth and beam profile as well as longer pulse durations, the device offers improved overlay accuracy, critical dimension control and minimized line edge roughness — all important features for multipatterning.

“I am very pleased we were able to deliver our first product designed to support the highly anticipated 450-mm wafer scanners,” Tomaru said. “This achievement also signifies our contribution to the industry's goal of maturing 450-mm technology — bringing us one step closer to HVM.”

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Published: July 2013
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