IDEX Adds Muon Group to Health & Science Technologies Segment

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IDEX Corp. has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire micro-precision technology manufacturing company Muon BV (Muon Group) and its subsidiaries. The deal is worth €700 million (~$699.13 million).

Based in the Netherlands, Muon Group manufactures highly precise flow paths in a variety of materials that enable the movement of various liquids and gases in critical applications for medical technologies, semiconductor, food processing, digital printing, and filtration. It will join the Scientific Fluidics & Optics group in IDEX’s Health & Science Technology segment.

Muon Group is composed of five companies that have critical technical expertise in precision and tolerances for different materials, from metals and glass to plastics and ceramics. Group companies include LouwersHanique, a developer of precision glass and ceramic components, and Millux, a developer of micro-precision laser processing solutions.

According to IDEX CEO and President Eric Ashleman, the addition of the Muon Group will expand a growing platform of IDEX precision technology businesses, including those that are already part of IDEX Health & Science, with technology and product solutions for similar end-customers.

Muon Group is privately held by Rivean Capital, a private equity firm which acquired the company in 2018. Muon Group has expected fiscal year 2022 sales of approximately €140 million (~$139.83 million).

The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Published: September 2022
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