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Inbound and outbound traffic

Inbound and outbound marketing are common terms in today’s B2B advertising landscape. But what is the real definition of each and is one more important than the other? Let’s start with a simple explanation of each:

Inbound marketing is a technique for drawing customers to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Some sources of inbound marketing are:
  • Company website and content
  • Ad words
  • Social media
  • Topical blogs
  • Buyers’ guides
Outbound marketing refers to any kind of marketing where a company initiates the conversation and sends its message out to an audience via display ads, e-blasts, and sales calls.

Some sources of outbound marketing are:
  • Branding ads – print and digital
  • Newsletter banner ads and content ads
  • White paper promotions
  • Webinar sponsorships
  • Editorial contributions and press releases
  • Sales calls
The latest trend has been to focus mainly on inbound marketing and SEO. However, this can be a risky marketing plan since it involves waiting around for potential customers to find you based on specific search criteria. And even if a prospect does find you via an online search engine, how can you be sure they are going to click through to your website as opposed to others on the list of applicable results?

This is where outbound marketing can help your company's brand and products stand out among the competition and make you the better choice.

Think about your own online searches. How do you choose which search results to click on and research further? Do you click on the ones you are somewhat familiar with and have a positive feeling about, or do you click on the unknown and unfamiliar results? It’s human nature to follow through on the ones we feel more comfortable with.

Including outbound advertising in your B2B advertising plan helps you create familiarity, brand recognition, credibility, and in the long run — increased sales. So when you start to plan your next marketing campaign, be sure to include a mix of inbound and outbound sources to maximize its success!

Published: August 2019
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