Indie to Acquire GEO Semiconductor

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Automotive technology company indie Semiconductor has entered a definitive agreement to purchase GEO Semiconductor, a provider of video processing technology for automotive cameras. GEO, a private fabless semiconductor supplier, adds scale to indie’s image processing program and enables sensor fusion of radar, lidar, ultrasound, and computer vision solutions in advanced driver assistance systems applications, indie said. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2023.

For indie, the acquisition follows moves that point to a broader strategy and focus on video processing. In January, the company established a strategic partnership with computer vision technology company Seeing Machines. The agreement aims to complement indie’s development of advanced vision processors for driver and vehicle monitoring. In late 2021, indie established its VisionQ business unit focused exclusively on high-quality perception-enabled vision processing solutions. The establishment of that business unit followed its acquisition of TeraXion, a designer and manufacturer of photonic components that had served as a reference design partner to indie.

GEO’s products comprise three generations of application-specific camera video processors, including those focused on viewing, where video is projected on a display and viewed by the driver, and sensing, where video is processed using advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms to assist the driver.

Published: February 2023
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