Insight Medical, Onkos Surgical Team Up for Surgical Oncology AR

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Medical device company Insight Medical Systems has teamed up with surgical oncology company Onkos Surgical Inc. to explore opportunities to apply Insight Medical’s Augmented Reality Visualization and Information System (ARVIS) in musculoskeletal oncology.

The companies are working on a pilot project to assess the technology for use in tumor surgery. ARVIS, currently under development, has tracking and visualization capabilities that allow precise and efficient execution of surgical plans. The headset has the ability to project virtual models of the patient’s anatomy into the surgeon’s field of view during the surgical procedure so that anatomical structures beneath the surface are visible. Similarly, virtual models of the implants or instruments are projected so that the surgeon can see their relationship to the hidden anatomical structures. Key measurements, such as the orientation and position of instruments and implants relative to the patient’s anatomy, are displayed. This may enable less invasive surgery, improve outcomes, and reduce patient risk.

“Onkos Surgical is investing heavily in capabilities and technology to bring innovation to musculoskeletal oncology surgeons,” said Patrick Treacy, CEO and co-founder of Onkos. “Augmented reality technology has the potential of simplifying the complex and providing surgeons with input and feedback that may improve the precision of surgical planning and interoperative workflow. This technology fits well with our portfolio of precision oncology solutions.”

“The convergence of 3D imaging, modeling, and printing with advanced simulation technology will be transformative for oncology surgeons,” said Dr. Shervin Oskouei, an assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at the Emory University School of Medicine. “Oncology surgeons are working on complex pathologies that require precise surgical intervention. Augmented reality may present an interesting approach to navigating these complex reconstructions.”

“We’re excited to partner with Onkos, who is a leader in the field of orthopedic oncology,” said Jonathan Nielsen, vice president of R&D at Insight Medical Systems. “There is a great opportunity to improve precision and visualization in these complex procedures, and Onkos is an ideal partner to jointly develop a system that complements their expertise in surgical planning and implant design.”

Insight Medical Systems leverages augmented reality technology to focus on orthopedic surgical procedures including spinal fusion, joint replacement, and ACL reconstruction. Onkos Surgical focuses on surgical oncology solutions.

Published: August 2018
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