Jobin Yvon Celebrates 200 Years of Optical Innovation

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PISCATAWAY, N.J., March 19, 2019 — A yearlong celebration of “Sharing Light and Passion” is underway for HORIBA Scientific subsidiary Jobin Yvon as it marks its bicentennial in the world of optical innovation.

HORIBA Scientific, which specializes in spectroscopy instrumentation and solutions, acquired Jobin Yvon in 1997. Since 1819 Jobin Yvon has focused on optical innovation, which forms the foundation of HORIBA’s scientific instrumentation.

“Sharing Light and Passion: 200 Years of Optical Innovation” is the theme of the extended celebration, which will include an anniversary book by written by historian Ines de Giuli. The celebration will highlight the company’s history and culture and focus on its scientific background and expertise, as well as its commitment to optical innovation and its long tradition of working with academia to develop new applications.

The anniversary book will be available in French, English, and Japanese, and will be distributed in its final version in November 2019 in conjunction with celebrations in company offices worldwide. The main “JY200” celebration will take place in Palaiseau, France, at the Saclay Science Park in November 2019. Festivities planned to commemorate this event will be celebrated by HORIBA corporate officers and executives, guests, and employees from all of the HORIBA segments. Additional events are planned for offices in the U.S., Asia, and other parts of Europe.

Sal Atzeni, HORIBA’s executive vice president, general manager, chief technology officer, and scientific segment leader, lauded Jobin Yvon for its heritage in forming key technologies to generate, separate, and analyze light that began with relatively simple prisms and polarizers and proceeded to diffraction gratings and entire instrument systems that use these optical elements for research in pharmaceuticals, materials, and fundamental physics and chemistry.

“Our diffraction gratings form the heart of every spectrometer we design and build, and the collective experience and know-how of the global teams achieve truly remarkable results in terms of resolution, sensitivity, accuracy, and precision, supporting the most demanding optical spectroscopy measurements — their applications range from spaceflight to ultrahigh-energy physics to extreme miniaturization,” Atzeni said.

Published: March 2019
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