LASEA Acquires the OPTEC Company

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LIEGE, Belgium, Aug. 13, 2020 — LASEA, a designer and manufacturer of precision lasers, has purchased majority shares of the OPTEC company. OPTEC, based in San Diego and Frameries, Belgium, designs and builds laser micromachining systems for use in the medical and electronics sectors as well as for safety marking.

With the acquisition, LASEA accumulates more than 50 years of experience in pulsed lasers, and nearly 30 years of experience in ultrashort pulse lasers, LASEA CEO Axel Kupisiewicz said. OPTEC develops ultrashort pulse (USP) lasers and performs precision machining of polymer materials. In its work with USP lasers and polymer materials machining (using excimer, or short-pulse UV lasers), the company performs athermal processes capable of micron-size precision.

Published: August 2020
excimer laser
An excimer laser is a type of ultraviolet laser that emits short pulses of light in the ultraviolet spectrum. The term excimer is derived from excited dimer, reflecting the nature of the gain medium used in these lasers. Excimer lasers are widely used in various industrial, medical, and scientific applications due to their ability to deliver high-energy, UV light in short pulses. Key features and characteristics of excimer lasers include: Excimer molecules: The gain medium of an excimer...
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