LightPath Appoints Sam Rubin President and CEO

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ORLANDO, Fla., March 10, 2020 — LightPath Technologies Inc., a vertically integrated global manufacturer of proprietary optical and infrared components, announced that Sam Rubin joined the company as president and CEO, effective March 9.

The board of directors also appointed Rubin a member of the board. He will stand for election at the next annual stockholder meeting to be held in November. Rubin, who succeeds former president and CEO J. James Gaynor, was formerly general manager at Thorlabs Inc., where he was responsible for the Imaging Systems Division as well as Thorlabs' global life science activities. Prior to joining Thorlabs, Rubin co-founded XLight Photonics, an optical communication startup.

“I am delighted to be joining LightPath as the next president and CEO at an exciting time for the business,” Rubin said. “I have known LightPath for over 25 years, as a customer, vendor, and a business partner, and I am very excited to be now part of the company. I look forward to taking my next step into the world of public companies and to work closely with the board, the leadership team, and all employees over the coming years to continue to transform and grow LightPath.”

Chairman Robert Ripp thanked outgoing president Gaynor for his 13 years of service with the board.

“During his leadership, the company was transformed from a small custom optical lens design company into a leading manufacturer of molded visible lens, and infrared lens, and assemblies,” Ripp said. “With his leadership, LightPath established a major presence in the Chinese markets, developed new glass materials, acquired infrared lens capabilities, and innovated several manufacturing technologies that made LightPath a top-tier optical design and low-cost manufacturing company.”

Gaynor will serve as consultant to the board through June to provide assistance to Rubin.

Published: March 2020
Pertaining to optics and the phenomena of light.
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