Lumicell Appoints CCO: People in the News: 06/15/22

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NEWTON, Mass., June 15, 2022 — Fluorescence-guided imaging technology company Lumicell appointed Brent Palmisano CCO and Lauren Cohen vice president of marketing and communications. Most recently, Palmisano served as senior vice president of global commercial operations for Dysis Medical. He spent 15 years at Boston Scientific in a variety of sales and marketing leadership roles and oversaw the commercial development of more than 25 devices. Cohen spent over 17 years at Boston Scientific, most recently serving as director of global digital marketing. She has held marketing positions at Endius, Odin Medical Technologies, and ESC/Sharplan Lasers.

Laura Cohen. Courtesy of Lumicell.
Lauren Cohen. Courtesy of Lumicell.
TORONTO — POET Technologies appointed Theresa Lan Ende as an adviser to the company’s board of directors. Lan Ende serves as chief procurement director of Arista Networks. Additionally, the company stated it intends to nominate Lan Ende as a director at its annual general meeting, scheduled for Oct. 6. Before her appointment as chief procurement director of Arista Networks in 2019, Lan Ende served for 10 years as its senior director of global supply chain management.

TOKYO — Following the establishment of a business foundation general division, glass solutions provider AGC appointed Seigo Washinoue executive officer. Mitsuru Furuta, currently general manager of the production management division within the display glass general division, will succeed Washinoue in his previous role as general manager of the display glass general division of the electronics company. The changes will take effect July 21.

Published: June 2022
A noncrystalline, inorganic mixture of various metallic oxides fused by heating with glassifiers such as silica, or boric or phosphoric oxides. Common window or bottle glass is a mixture of soda, lime and sand, melted and cast, rolled or blown to shape. Most glasses are transparent in the visible spectrum and up to about 2.5 µm in the infrared, but some are opaque such as natural obsidian; these are, nevertheless, useful as mirror blanks. Traces of some elements such as cobalt, copper and...
Fluorescence is a type of luminescence, which is the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed light or other electromagnetic radiation. Specifically, fluorescence involves the absorption of light at one wavelength and the subsequent re-emission of light at a longer wavelength. The emitted light occurs almost instantaneously and ceases when the excitation light source is removed. Key characteristics of fluorescence include: Excitation and emission wavelengths: Fluorescent materials...
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