Melles Griot Products Enable Practical Application of Light

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CARLSBAD, Calif., June 29, 2006 -- Photonics is transforming the world we live in, and for more than 30 years, Melles Griot has helped make that transformation possible. Integrating innovative technology and superior manufacturing capabilities, Melles Griot supplies the elements that create light, control its efficient use, and position photonic devices for a wide variety of industries including biotechnology, semiconductor manufacturing, entertainment, and reprographics. Through its commitment, the company:
  • Creates light from the deep ultraviolet (UV) to the infrared (IR) with a complete line of diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS), ion, helium neon, helium cadmium, and semiconductor diode lasers and assemblies.
  • Controls light with lenses, mirrors, prisms, filters, beamsplitters, polarizers, high-energy optics, and unique standard and custom coatings.
  • Positions light with mirror holders, translation and rotation stages, nanopositioning equipment, and optical tables and breadboards.


Full Spectrum Solutions

MellesGriotEngineers.jpgAs a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of optics, lasers, optomechanical hardware, and instruments, Melles Griot is dedicated to innovation and performance. It places equal focus on exceptional customer service, quality products and innovative research. A major OEM supplier, Melles Griot is a leader in gas lasers and is at the forefront of semiconductor and solid-state laser technology for commercial and research applications. Known for its extensive catalog of photonics solutions, the majority of the Melles Griot business is comprised of standard and custom optical systems and lasers that it manufactures in the US and Japan.


    Melles Griot Optics Group designs and manufactures high-precision optical components and systems for a wide variety of applications from the near-infrared to the deep UV. 

    Melles Griot Laser Group is synonymous with innovative laser technologies and volume manufacturing capacity. With more than 2.8 million lasers in the field, its design expertise, process control and manufacturing excellence are second to none.

    Melles Griot Distribution Group stretches from its distribution hubs in North America, Europe, and Asia to tens of thousands of end-users in over 40 countries served by sales offices and sales representatives worldwide. Melles Griot is, in every way, the global distributor that provides unique access to a vast network of photonics expertise and products.

Your Partner-of-Choice

MellesGriot1.jpgMelles Griot Optics Group and Melles Griot Laser Group offer global clients a complete line of optic and laser-based solutions. Its world-class manufacturing and design expertise, coupled with its state-of-the-art tools, equipment and training, supports the delivery of high-value solutions on time and on budget.

Fostering Success

Whether by phone, fax or the Internet, Melles Griot guarantees 24-hour access to solutions for a variety of technical support resources. Its catalog provides a great introduction to photonics technology and guidance regarding design criteria. Its online Web offerings make it easier to obtain products as needed. Its Web-based FAQs provide quick answers, and its "Ask a Product Specialist" link provides the appropriate path to more detailed information.

    MellesGriot2.jpgDesign and manufacturing expertise combined with a global procurement and distribution infrastructure allows Melles Griot to efficiently deliver unique solutions that enhance the way its customers use light. Whether you need a single optical element, a custom designed lens assembly, or a complex laser-based subassembly, let Melles Griot put its resources, innovation, and capabilities to work for you.

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    Key Product Highlights


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    Fizeau λ/40 Transmission Spheres

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    Published: June 2006
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