Molecular OptoElectronics Wins NSF Grant, Licensing Agreement

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Los Alamos National Laboratory has granted an exclusive licensing agreement to Molecular OptoElectronics Corp. of Watervliet, N.Y., to develop, manufacture and market the laboratory's electro-optic crystal mosaics for the generation of terahertz radiation. With further developments, the company believes it can expand applications in the infrared to microwave range. Molecular OptoElectronics also earned a $100,000 Small Business Technology Transfer award from the National Science Foundation for the development of an electro-optic terahertz detector with potential imaging and remote-sensing applications.

Published: December 1996
terahertz radiation
Electromagnetic radiation with frequencies between 300 GHz and 10 THz, and existing between regions of the electromagnetic spectrum that are typically classified as the far-infrared and microwave regions. Because terahertz waves have the ability to penetrate some solid materials, they have the potential for applications in medicine and surveillance.
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