Novaled to Exhibit Ultraflat Lights

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OLED maker Novaled said it will feature its ultraflat surface-emitting devices at the 2010 Light + Building show in Frankfurt April 11-16. The company and its partners will also introduce a variety of futuristic OLED luminaires, artistic light sculptures and signage at the show.

OLED light is perceived as being natural because its organic materials produce broad emission spectra. The luminaires, which offer a CRI of up to 95, come in warm- and clear-cold white, and in colors such as orange, red and blue. Tunable devices covering a span of colors such as light blue, clear-white and orange also will be introduced.

OLEDs manufactured on glass and metal substrates are extremely thin and lightweight and provide an active area from 25 to 225 cm2. Depending on the material of the substrate and the structure of the device, OLEDs can be transparent or diffuse in appearance; in the "off" state, they can function as a mirror.

Novaled's booth, J51, will be in Hall 4.1.

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Published: March 2010
Electromagnetic radiation detectable by the eye, ranging in wavelength from about 400 to 750 nm. In photonic applications light can be considered to cover the nonvisible portion of the spectrum which includes the ultraviolet and the infrared.
A complete unit containing a light source, globe, reflector, housing, socket and other necessary components for lighting.
A substrate refers to a material or surface upon which another material or process is applied or deposited. In various fields, such as electronics, biology, chemistry, and manufacturing, the term "substrate" is used with specific contexts, but the fundamental definition remains consistent: it is the underlying material or surface that provides a foundation for subsequent processes or applications. Here are some examples of how a substrate is used in different fields: Electronics: In...
Capable of transmitting light with little absorption and no appreciable scattering or diffusion.
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