Novanta CEO Matthijs Glastra Appointed Board Chairman

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BEDFORD, Mass., April 5, 2021 — The board of directors for Novanta, a components and subsystems developer for laser-based diagnostic, analytical, micromachining, and materials processing applications, elected CEO Matthijs Glastra chair. The appointment is effective after the company’s annual meeting of shareholders on May 13. Glastra succeeds Stephen Bershad, who will retire from the board after an 11-year tenure. Bershad has been appointed chairman emeritus effective upon his retirement. The position is honorary and holds no voting or special governance rights, though Bershad will be available for consultation with the board.

Additionally, the independent directors appointed current board member Lonny Carpenter as independent lead director, also effective after the annual meeting. The lead director presides over all meetings of the board at which the chairman is not present, including executive sessions of the independent directors; calls meetings of the independent directors; and serves as liaison between the chairman and the independent directors.

Published: April 2021
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