Olympus to Acquire Quest Photonic Devices

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TOKYO, Feb. 1, 2021 — Olympus Corp. is acquiring Quest Photonic Devices BV, a developer of multispectral imaging solutions serving medical markets. The deal is worth up to approximately $60.7 million (€50 million).

Olympus, in a press release, said the planned acquisition enhances its surgical endoscopy market presence. Quest offers advanced fluorescence imaging systems for the medical field, enabling more surgical endoscopy capabilities compared to conventional imaging technologies.

Fluorescence imaging refers to special light imaging technologies that use the properties of fluorescent dyes directed to specific anatomical structures. When targeted dyes combine with specific light wavelengths, lesions that are nearly invisible under normal white light become visible.

Published: February 2021
multispectral imaging
Creation of an image where each pixel contains more than three spectral data points, typically four to 20. This is contrasted with a standard color camera that only captures three spectral data points (called RGB), or hyperspectral cameras, which capture hundreds of spectral data points. Traditional multispectral cameras captured four data points: RGB and an NIR band. Nowadays multispectral cameras are available as commercial off-the-shelf products, with 12 custom bands easily available....
white light
Light perceived as achromatic, that is, without hue.
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