Optical Metrology Instrumentation Company Launched in Tucson

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Chris Koliopoulos has joined with colleagues to create a new Tucson, Ariz.-based optical metrology instrumentation company called InterOptics.

InterOptics will offer high-precision interferometric equipment to technology industries that manufacture or use precision surfaces, such as computer disks, optical components, laser mirrors, polished ceramic valves, and bare silicon wafers.

“Thirty-five years ago, I was the original founder of WYKO Corp., with the desire to bring my Ph.D. work on phase-shifting interferometric techniques to optical testing instruments,” Koliopoulos said. “During my extensive career while leading other metrology companies, Phase Shift Technology Inc. and ADE Corp., we developed innovative products to allow subnanometer measurements of not only precision optics but also semiconductor wafer flatness and nanotopography, computer hard disk surface structures and roughness, and the shape and form of interocular lenses.

"Now, we are applying our many years of experience in interferometric measurement methods, along with advanced manufacturing techniques, to provide high-precision metrology at lower costs to our customers than currently offered by other suppliers.”

Koliopoulos served as CEO of Zygo Corp. from January 2010 to October 2013.

InterOptics occupies an 18,000-sq-ft facility with development labs and temperature-controlled manufacturing areas.

Published: July 2018
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